Documents to prepare for an application for reduction of fees


Documents and certificates should only be sent in PDF format

If the PDF documents are too large, please compress them.

For students whose household income (or guarantor) is taxed in Belgium:

  1. Warning(s) extract(s) from the tax roll (2022 taxation - 2021 income) complete (all pages must be sent to us - cfr. example) of your dependants issued by the Federal Public Service Finance
  2. Household composition (dated from 1 July) issued by the local authority of your place of residence

For students whose household income (or guarantor) is taxed outside Belgium:

      1. Certificate of domicile completed by a municipal official of his legal domicile :  download here
      2. Official document of income taxed by the Tax and Finance Service of the country of origin (e.g.: Tax Notice 2022 (income 2021), certificate of income and wealth 2021, etc.)

Additional documents may be required depending on the socio-economic situation of the household:

  • Certificate of enrolment 2023-2024 from higher education for any other person in the household
  • Certificate(s) that justify(s) the change(s) from 1rst January 2020 (e.g.: separation, divorce, pension, death, loss of job, illness, etc.)
  • Certificate from the CPAS or from SPF Social Security (Black Virgo)in which the amount, duration and dates of compensation are stated

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updated on 8/1/23

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