Techno-pedagogical tools are now essential to enrich course materials and boost interactivity.


Online learning tools at ULiège

Several techno-pedagogical platforms and resources (reserved access) are offered to the university community to ensure the pursuit of distance learning courses in adapted forms (general courses, courses requiring more interaction with students). 


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The eCampus Student User Guide provides essential information about the eCampus platform.


UniCast allow students to view their lessons in video and audio podcasts.

Microsoft Office365 Education

The University of Liège has taken out a Microsoft Office365 Education contract for its students, teachers and for all staff members.

Office365 Edu includes a set of services accessible online, as well as applications that can be installed locally on your computer.

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The Miro software, mainly used in the project workshops of the Faculty of Architecture, allows teachers to recreate a course context conducive to learning thanks to an interactive whiteboard system.

Online feedback tool at ULiège


Used in some courses, FB4You is a feedback application for students at the University of Liege. Its particularities ? A day-to-day follow-up, the possibility to situate oneself during the year in relation to the expected requirements and in relation to the group, to receive personalized advice and to express one's emotions.

Special assistance for students is provided:

  • Students who have further questions about the teaching of a particular programme can contact their Faculty's office.
  • In case of computer problems, students can make a request via the form available at: In case of difficulties with eCampus, a set of videos and tips are available via this link.
  • If necessary and under certain conditions, the Student Social Services can intervene financially for the acquisition of computer equipment.

MOOC's ULiège

Launched in 2017 and attended since then by more than 120,000 participants, the MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses), which are free and open to all at the University of Liège, continue to grow.

Interactive and multimedia, incorporating videos, exercises, forums, quizzes and peer reviews, MOOC's - these free courses, designed to be followed entirely at a distance by very large cohorts of participants around the world - are part of a process of maximum democratisation of knowledge.

MOOC's, as an integral part - in whole or in part - of university course curricula, also reinforce the insertion of these new learning materials at the heart of bachelor's and master's degree courses.


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