Information "blocked account" for visa application or residence permit renewal

In order to obtain a study visa or the renewal of their residence permit, an outside EU student who wishes to study in Belgium or who, after the completion of their studies or research project, wishes to extend their stay by one year in order to find a job or to start a business, must prove to their Embassy/Consulate or the local administration in Belgium that they have sufficient personal means of support to cover the entire duration of their stay.

For the academic year 2024-2025, this amount, fixed annually by the Office des Étrangers, amounts to 803 € net/month, multiplied by the number of months of the planned stay.

Proof of sufficient means of subsistence can be provided by producing one or more of the following documents:

  • a certificate issued (in accordance with a royal decree) either by an international organization or a national authority, or by a community, a region, a province or a municipality, or by an institution of higher education, stating that the third-country citizen is or will soon be receiving a grant or a loan;
  • a commitment to take charge in accordance with Annex 32 to the Royal Decree of 8 October 1981;
  • a certificate issued by the higher education institution stating that the sum covering the living expenses has been deposited in a blocked account managed by the host institution.

The University of Liege now offers the deposit on a "blocked" account to all its students, graduates and researchers at the end of their contract.

To do so, candidates must specifically request it by contacting the department of the University to which they belong (see contacts below). They will be asked to sign an agreement establishing the terms of the procedure.

Please note that candidates who wish to benefit from the blocked account for their first year of study in Belgium will only be able to apply after receiving their letter of admission to the University of Liege.

In addition, an administrative fee of 150 € will be added to the total amount to be paid to the University (except for exchange/Erasmus students). Any additional bank transfer and/or exchange fees will also be charged to the applicant. The candidate must pay the appropriate amount to the University in a single transfer.

Upon arrival in Belgium, the candidate must open a personal bank account (unless they already have one) and communicate the IBAN number to the University. The blocked amount will be paid in monthly instalments, at the earliest from the first month of the stay.

First contact (details of the procedure and signature of the agreement) :

Administrative and financial follow-up (including delivery of the certificate after signature of the agreement/receipt of the transfer) :

updated on 5/8/24

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