Through its teaching, ULiège makes every effort to help everyone build their futures, now and throughout their lives.

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Our programmes

The range of training programmes organised in the 11 Faculties of the University of Liège is vast. All areas of knowledge are covered! Bachelors, Masters, Specialised Masters, "agrégations", continuing education...but also language courses, MOOCs... Find the training programme that meets your needs.

Course Schedule

Decoded studies

How are the training programmes organised at the university? How is an academic year structured? What do the terms block, cycle, trimester, credit, session mean...  What are the by-laws and requirements? Everything is explained in detail.

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Helping students all throughout their journey

We help those who are in need to become professionals in study, capable of managing, organising, and arranging their time while maintaining motivation and life balance. Within each of us, we possess willingness, daringness and creativity. We build on talent and put everything in place so that students flourish in the best possible conditions before, during and after the training programme.

Help for successful studies

Opening up to the world

Numerous possibilities are available to each student to provide an international dimension to his or her curriculum: study abroad, internships, cooperation development, dual diplomas... Where will you go?

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Learning all through life

Always learning, at every stage of ones existence. For fun, to optimise ones professional skills, to change career paths...there are plenty of opportunities to get training.

Questions about training programmes or student life?

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