Finished your secondary studies? You must have a thousand and one dreams, wishes and plans... And are you looking for a university adventure? At the University of Liège, we offer 38 Bachelor degrees in various subject areas and after each of them there are more than 10 Masters to choose from.

This portal is dedicated to you. Learn more, choose well and begin under the best conditions.


Welcome days and appointments for the future student

A whole series of activities are proposed to future students throughout the year. These are complementary and make it possible to discover different aspects of university life.

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Discover, choose and prepare

Throughout the year: a wide range of activities to provide information on studies, life at ULiège and making the right choice. Put it in your calanders!

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Organisation of the studies

Credits, teaching units, blocks, Bachelors, Masters, “landscape” decree, etc. Explanations about the organisation of university teaching.

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International mobility

Residences, placements abroad, joint degree programmes... the Masters possibilities are endless for discovering new horizons. Discover the destinations and conditions here.

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Entry requirements, process, structure of studies… All information to join us.


Living on the campuses

Leaving a family environment for a new universe is exciting but involves changes. Accommodation, sports, culture, leisure... We make every effort to make you feel welcome and give you the chance to hone your talents.

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