Bachelors, Masters, PhD, blocks, credits, academic year, trimester...higher education terms for French-speaking Belgium. Explanations.


How are the training programmes organised at the University, what are the terms to understand when finding out about the programmes, how are assessments carried out, what does the diploma look like, what are the current regulations/by-laws...?

All information on the structure of studies


University life has its rhythm, its strong points, and its relaxing moments. It is important to understand the organisation of the academic year in order to properly manage one's schedule and make the most of it. The key dates and major periods of the year are presented on this page.

The academic year


Who can register at ULiège? Under what conditions? What are the success criteria? What are the rules regarding exams? How do deliberations work?



The diploma attests to the successful completion of studies and details the university career.

All information on the diploma

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