Succeeding one's university studies is first and foremost becoming a professional of studying, by means of a training project chosen in a thought-out manner. At the University of Liège, hundreds of people are committed to help the student at each step of their curriculum.

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Motivation, the willingness to overcome the difficulties that will present themselves during the programme...are, at the start, based on a choice of study programme coherent with your abilities, skills, expectations, and interests.

Becoming a professional of studies also implies developing a work system adapted to the requirements of university teaching, managing, organising, and arranging one's time while preserving one's motivation and life balance (health, leisure, well-being...). This assumes a good dose of autonomy, but doesn't mean being left all to yourself!

At the University of Liège, hundreds of people are dedicated to support students' success. The tools and devices implemented make it possible for all students who need it to get support adapted to each step of their programme.

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