Pursuing studies at the University of Liège is much more than just training... It's also the opportunity to use one's talents throughout one's academic career.

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iving oneself the chance to be curious, sensitive to forms of creation, with a critical eye on the evolutions of society, open to debate, to others, and attentive to one's well-being; all that also makes up the life of a student. At ULiège, the cultural, athletic, artistic, and associative offers and activities reserved for students are in no short supply: museums, cinema clubs, conferences, shows, artistic programmes and discoveries, athletic clubs, student associations and animations on the campuses...  The opportunity to use one's talents throughout one's academic career!


sports, culture, leisure

living well together and student quality of life

Getting involved: in university bodies

discover student associations and folklore

Commit to sustainable development by joining the Green Office

work as a student worker

updated on 12/7/22

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