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hroughout your professional career and your personal activities, you have developed your knowledge and skills. Today, you wish to have your acquired experience recognised, to broaden your knowledge, to discover or rediscover university life. In this case, the VAE should interest you!

What is the VAE?

The VAE, or Validation of Acquired Experience, is an admission procedure for university studies that enables a person, based on his/her experience, to request admission to a diploma or certifying training programme.

The VAE is intended for any individual who does not have the required titles for access (1st or 2nd cycle diploma), but who is able to demonstrate 5 years of professional or personal experience relevant to the target programme, years of university studies only being able to be taken into account by year of 60 credits earned, but not surpassing two years.

VAE candidates must submit an application retracing their career path, both professional and personal.

The application must be returned before 30 April (for students of non-European Union nationality), before 15 August (for European students), or before 15 September (for Belgian students) preceding the start of the academic year. It must include the following items:

  • a printed version of the online form, duly completed and signed
  • a copy of your identity card
  • a copy of your secondary school diploma (C.E.S.S.)
  • a copy of the transcripts for each of your university study years ,even for the years which may have ended unsuccessfully (where necessary)
  • a copy of your university diploma(s) (if applicable)
  • the official supporting documents of your activities or studies for the last five years, if these are not covered by your most recent diploma
  • a letter of motivation
  • any documents demonstrating professional or personal experiences for which you are requesting validation/recognition (certificates of employment, publications, extracts from appointments, achievements, etc.)

iconeInfoThe Admissions and Registration Department is available to assist you in the constitution of your application. Thus constituted, this application will be submitted to the jury, which will decide as early as possible.

The jury reserves the right to invite you to an interview and implement any assessment procedure that it sees fit. The VAE also makes it possible to access training programmes that do not result in academic grades (certificates, etc.).

For more information on this subject, contact the Continuing Education Unit or consult its website.

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