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There exist continuing education training programmes of all types: some result in obtaining credits, while others are non-certifying. With the exception of a few general rules, the admission rules are unique to each programme.


o identify the admission conditions of the training programme of your choice, we invite you to consult the description in the catalogue of continuing education programmes. In principle, to be admitted to a certificate with credits, the minimum condition is to have a diploma in short-term university education.

The access conditions can be more flexible for non-certifying training programmes, without credits.

Admission through Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

For individuals who do not have a degree giving direct access, most training programmes allow for admission through Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE).

When this access condition is provided for your intended training programme, you simply need to complete the registration application, specifying the nature and duration of your experience, possibly by including a CV and letter of motivation. This file is submitted to the competent jury, which decides if you meet the conditions necessary to be admitted into the training programme.

Warning, the procedure is not the same if you wish to be admitted through VAE to a degree programme (Bachelors, Masters, Specialised Masters). In this case, we invite you to visit the VAE page of the Admissions and Registration Department.

To be admitted through Validation of Acquired Experience, you must be able to justify a relevant professional or personal experience of at least five years, of which a maximum of 2 years of successful university studies.

Foreign Applicants

Admission conditions to continuing education programmes for foreign applicants (EU and outside EU) are the same as for Belgians.

We nevertheless draw your attention to the fact that enrolment in continuing education programmes does not, in principle, give you rights to a residence permit, because it does not entail full-time teaching. If you reside outside of the European Union, we invite you to inquire about visa granting conditions by contacting the Embassy or the competent Belgian Consulate.

Registering for a continuing education programme

updated on 2/16/23

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