Some costs are mandatory because directly related to studies, and others depend on the personal situation of the student (need to be housed in Liège, frequent travel...).


he SSE (Student Social Service) nevertheless offers an estimate allowing you to establish a budget and to manage it on a daily basis depending on your resources and your expenses. This is an average estimate of different expenses that can be linked to your student life (excluding increased fees):

Regular registration fees €835
Educational material €450
Internet connection €300
Accomodation €4.000
Meals (roughly €8 per day) €3.000
Health and hygiene €300
Miscellaneous equipment (clothing, shoes, eyeglasses) €500
Transportation €400
Social life, sports, leisure, culture, correspondence, etc. €500

A budget of about €10,000/year is thus to be planned for (excluding increased fees).

See detailed description and advice

Academic fees

In addition to the registration fees, the start of the academic year generates certain costs necessary for carrying out studies.
See detailed information on each faculty

Participating in the financing of one's project

In order to financially contribute to your study project, it may be appropriate to exercise a gainful activity by taking on a student job.

A social worker from the SSE can advise and give you some pointers to guide you through finding a student job!

Looking to find a student job within the University itself, don't hesitate to consult the offers and other information on the student-worker status!

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updated on 2/17/23

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