The university adventure doesn't just stop once you have your diploma. The University of Liège accompanies its graduates all throughout their lives.

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Graduate follow-up, customised support

Help finding a job, many alumnus benefits, continuing education, professional training: various means are available to graduates so that they fully thrive on the labour market.

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ULiège Career Centre: boost your professional career

The University of Liège has just created a new platform to help students and young graduates to develop their professional careers: the ULiège Career Centre. A custom space for refining your professional project, preparing your interviews, finding the ideal internship or job, as well as launching your professional career.

ULiège Career Centre offers priority access to:

  • internship and job offers
  • spaces dedicated to businesses
  • job videos
  • professional events
  • useful advice and information (preparing your application, opportunities of certain sectors, useful links for finding employment by industry, lists of institutions for having an experience abroad, etc...)
  • live chat videos with recruiters

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updated on 6/14/23

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