Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the registration desk continue to carry out its missions by using telework.

The online form must be completed and the PDF documents must be uploaded before 30 April 2021

Important message for students from outside the EU

If you are an Outside EU student (with the exception of assimilated students, doctoral students, students coming in the context of an international codiplomation as well as holders of a CFWB higher diploma), you will have to pay the sum of € 200.00 (administrative fees/account) to be able to finalise your online application. This payment of € 200,00, with all bank charges at your expense, will be a condition for the examination of your application.
If your application is accepted, this sum will be deducted from the registration fee.
In all other cases, the down payment is not refundable. It is therefore very important to check that you meet the entry requirements.

Assimilated students

If you are a student in a situation of assimilation, you are exempt from paying the down paiement of €200.00  for the processing of your file, on the condition that you can prove this by providing the documents relating to the selected condition of assimilation.

Examination of the file

The payment of the €200,00, all bank charges at your expense, is a condition for the examination of the file.
Before completing the online form, please read the entry requirements and make sure that they are fulfilled. Then consult the list of documents to be provided according to your situation. You will then be able to complete the online form after consulting the warning and instructions for use.

Registration procedures for the title of “Agrégé de l'Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur” (AESS)

The title of “agrégé de l'enseignement secondaire supérieur” (AESS) is the educational title required to be permanently appointed in upper secondary education.  It completes the 2nd cycle diploma (Bachelors or Masters) acquired in a given discipline that identifies the subjects that can be taught.

The AESS is obtained at the end of a training programme of 30 credits, specifically aimed at the teacher training of future teachers of upper secondary education.  The content of this training programme is strictly defined by decree and includes theoretical courses and practical internships. The AESS is a professional title, but is not an academic degree.

Deadline and registration fee for the AESS

The registration deadline for the AESS is September 30th.

Students can apply for a reduction in order to register for an annual program of less than 30 credits.

Registration fee : €279,00.


  • Students enrolled in the end of a Masters cycle of at least 120 credits within an institution of the French Community can register simultaneously for studies resulting in the title of qualified upper secondary school teacher (AESS). However, students admitted in virtue of this provision will not be officially declared before having obtained the necessary academic degree of Master.
  • Students who only have the dissertation left to complete can simultaneously register for the teaching orientation of the same Masters if they have the approval of the Admissions Department.
  • If a student has a 120-credit Masters degree for which there is a teaching orientation, it is advisable that they register for this option rather than for the AESS. In doing so, they will be awarded a second Masters and a dual diploma (Teaching Masters and title of "agrégé” [“qualified”]).  This is a required title in order to be permanently appointed in upper secondary education.
  • For holders of a Masters degree issued by a non-Francophone institution, a special French test for access to the examinations of the AESS as well as for the teaching option, must be successfully passed before the month of January.  It is necessary to earn a C1 level.
  • You can only earn a single AESS

To determine for which AESS they can register, students must consult the CIFEN website.

Difference between required title and sufficient title + decree

Teachable subjects

How to register

Legal access conditions for the AESS

Documents to provide

Warnings and advice for the online form

Instructions for using the online form


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