Registration procedures for the Doctorate (3rd cycle) for students holding a Belgian diploma from the 2nd cycle

Student not enrolled in 2019-2020

The online form can be completed after having checked that the entry requirements are met.

Entry requirements for the Doctorate (3rd cycle)

The following documents are needed:

  • ID card
  • Graduate diploma if not from ULiège
  • Authorisation from the Doctoral College : 2020-2021 form 
  • Supporting documents of the activities since obtaining the Graduate diploma (attestations of enrolment, of employment, of full unemployment...)

Instructions for using the online form

Warning and advice for using the online form

Online form

Student enrolled at ULiège in 2019-2020 wishing to register for the first time for a doctorate:

Registration period

For the 2019-2020 academic year, registrations for the doctoral training programme and Doctorates are open, and close the business day preceding the opening date of the 2020-2021) registrations (end of June 2021), except for doctorates from the Faculty of Medicine for which the deadline is May 15, 2022.

Beyond the first registration, re-registration must be done each year before 31 October of the current year.

In case of registration after 31 October, the doctoral training programme will be imperatively spread out over 2 academic years.


On the basis of the result "admis à poursuivre" (admitted for further study) which is communicated to us by the Doctoral College, re-enrolment is automatic and payment of the registration fees must be made no later than 31 October.

More information on the doctorate

Note :

Doctoral students who do not wish to continue their thesis must notify the Registration Department before 30 November of the academic year in progress, either:

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