he jury system of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation represents an alternative path for exams, making it possible to obtain a diploma outside of traditional routes of full-time teaching provided in the institution.

These exams are therefore essentially intended for self-learners or those who gave up their studies and have since decided to pick them back up.

These exams require proper personal preparation insofar as the candidate is left to him/herself and must personally research the documentation on which the exams are based.

These juries are exclusively organised for 1st and 2nd cycle grades, with the exception of Specialised Masters and the "agrégation” (teaching degree). There is no jury organised for 3rd cycle studies.

Only individuals able to justify the inability to follow the teaching units as a regular student have access to the jury.

Registration for the jury of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation does not confer the status of regular student. It does not allow for the regularisation of stay in Belgium. In principle, registration for the jury does not allow the student to attend courses, to attend seminars, or to participate in practical work.

The diplomas obtained by means of the jury have the same value as those issued to regular students.

Admission conditions

In addition to the legal access conditions for university studies, you must, in order to register for the jury of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, justify your inability to follow the teaching units as a regular student (medical certificate, employment certificate, etc.).

A student who, during two academic years, has been registered in a university institution or with a jury of the French Community, in the same year of study of the same course, may only register or re-register with the above-mentioned jury after a period corresponding to three academic years.


Registration for the jury of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is done by session (and not by academic year as with regular students). Thus, in case of failure during the 1st session, the student who wishes to attempt the 2nd session must go through a new and complete registration.

Enrolment process

You may enroll thanks to the online form, at the opening dates for the students wishing to register via the jury.

Documents to provide

Registration dates

For the January/June session: from 1 October to 30 November 2023

For the September session: from 1 to 10 July 2023


384 € per session. Beware, no cancellation or refunding allowed.

Payment methods

by bank transfer or credit card at our reception desk 



updated on 11/23/23