Warning & advice for the encoding of the online form


We ask that you properly fill out this admission request, step by step, with attention and thoroughness in order to ensure admissibility.


iconeAttentionWe strongly recommand you to use the Firefox web browser to fill in the online form. All mobile web browsers (smartphpne or tablet) are not allowed.

  • Before you begin, gather all of your academic documents (transcripts, diplomas, equivalence decisions...) and have your identity card on hand. These documents will be required to fill out the form properly.
  • Take the time to thoroughly answer the different questions asked throughout the form.
  • Don't hesitate to go back if you have made a mistake. Warning, once you have clicked on "finish" at the last step, it will no longer be possible to make any changes.

Help bubbles infobulle 2017-02-16 08-25-26 14 are available to help you throughout the form; don't hesitate to use them, as they explain how to properly fill out the fields.

Before submitting your registration request, you will be asked to read the following regulations:

iconeInfo Need help(*) ?

(*) Only for problems related to the use of the online form. For all other questions related to registration, please consult our contact platform

No computer or scanner at home?

Visit our Help Inscriptions (self-service) space, at Complexe Opéra, Place de la République française 35 in 4000 Liège, from 25 June (a space also available at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech for students who wish to enrol in courses organised by this Faculty).

The necessary material is made available to you and you receive assistance for your online registration. However, even if you come in person, your registration request goes through a validation process. As a result, the payment and issue of the student card and access to the certificates are deferred.

iconeAttentionIf you have already created an account with the online form beforehand, don't forget to have on hand your password (received on your personal email account) when heading to our self-service space. Without this password, you will not be able to perform the steps.

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