Combining a high-level athletic career and studies is possible at ULiège.


Presentation of the ULiège Student athlete status

Officialised since the start of the 2010-2011 academic year, the student athlete status allows students to take on studies and high-level athletics.

The student athlete ULiege status

For whom?

The ULiège Student Athlete status can be granted to any student regularly enrolled at the university who makes the request based on a complete application, and who corresponds to one of the following situations:

  1. Students recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (contender, promising athlete or high-level athlete) or by an equivalent foreign authority.
  2. Students who are selected for a national team or for competitions of the highest level in the French-speaking community, depending on the field, with a significant volume of athletic training.
  3. Students who practice intensively a sport for which there is no organised competition (aikido, mountaineering, dance, caving...). The criteria of representativeness and volume of training will be determining factors.

ULiège Student Sports Commission

Athletes are in need of an environment which allows them to flourish in their field and to have career prospects in parallel with the university diploma.


Professor Marc CLOES, President of the ULiège Student Athlete Commission

What are the advantages?

Personal guidance

  • Guidance by an academic tutor to facilitate the steps within the Faculty
  • Support from an administrative coordinator

Educational benefits

  • Potential lightening of the study year
  • Specific terms regarding teaching activities, evaluations and exams
  • Specific monitoring of the Study Guidance Service

Logistical advantages

  • Free use of the athletic facilities of ULiège
  • Access to the University Hospital (CHU) services (athletic emergency, medical follow-up...)
  • Access to the Student Athlete Network

More information

Direct access to the status online request form



Recognised high-level student athletes at ULiège

Student Quality of Life Department

Étudiants sportifs de haut niveau

+32 (0)4 366 97 41

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