ULiège accompanies the students who seriously practice an artistic activity in parallel with their university studies.


The Student artist status in Uliège

For whom?

The ULiège Student Artist Status can be granted to any student regularly enrolled at the university who makes the request based on a complete application, and who corresponds to one of the following situations:

  1. Students who are also regularly enrolled in an artistic study programme organised by a University College of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
  2. Students who can justify the professional or semi-professional practice of an artistic activity.

ULiège Student Artist Commission

The goal is to not do away with a whole series of vocations: it's not because you are at University that you have to stop dreaming

Professor Christophe Pirenne, President of the ULiège Student Artist Commission

What are the advantages?

Personal guidance

  • Supervision by an academic tutor to facilitate the steps within your Faculty
  • Support from an administrative coordinator

Educational benefits

  • Potential lightening of the study year
  • Specific terms regarding teaching activities, evaluations and exams
  • Specific monitoring of the Study Guidance Service

Logistical advantages

  • Access to the CHU services (psychological services, physical therapy...)

More information

Direct access to the status online request



Recognised student artists at ULiège

Affaires Étudiantes

Étudiants artistes


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updated on 4/4/24

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