The MyULiège portal: a personalised and customised tool

Following registration, each student receives a username and password allowing access to all IT resources provided by the university: Wi-Fi network (over 1100 terminals across the campus), workstations (650 computers in various work rooms and libraries), ULiège email address and, above all, the myULiège portal.

This portal allows the performance of all the administrative steps online (registration, class choices, consultation of their results, making appointments, etc.), the consultation of resources (distance learning, class podcasts, class materials, etc.), the receipt of information from teachers, the faculty and the University, etc.

The myULiège portal is the most comprehensive e-administration tool within the Belgian university landscape.

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The ULiège libraries

In addition, ULiège has one of the largest libraries in Europe! It provides access to several thousand publications, from the most recent releases to remarkable old collections comprising between 6,500 manuscripts, 500 incunable editions, several dozen thousand works from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries as well as 300,000 e-books and almost 65,000 e-journals.

In addition to their resources, the many libraries offer, between classes, work areas popular with students who can work surrounded by their fellow classmates to feel like they are in a studious atmosphere. Some of them have extended opening hours during study periods.

The ULiège libraries

The ULiège Career Centre platform

The University of Liège has just created a new platform to help students and recent graduates develop their professional career: ULiège Career Centre. A personalised space for discovering the world of business and different jobs more closely, boosting their CV, getting the ideal placement and building their career plans from the start of their course.

ULiège Career Centre offers priority access to:

  • student jobs
  • internships and job offers
  • spaces dedicated to businesses
  • job videos
  • professional events
  • useful advice and information (preparing your application, opportunities of certain sectors, useful links for finding employment by industry, lists of institutions for having an experience abroad, etc.)
  • live chat videos with recruiters

iconeDocument ULIEGE CAREER CENTRE: instructions for use

Access the ULiège Career Centre platform


ULiège Career Center : comment ça marche?

La plateforme ULiège Career Center, c'est un espace sur-mesure et privilégié à destination des étudiants et jeunes diplômés. Ce qu'on y trouve: des offres de stage et d'emplois, des fiches entreprises, des vidéos métiers, des conseils, des ressources ou encore des évènements et rendez-vous. Présentation en images...

updated on 3/26/24

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