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Loans offered by the Students Social Service

1. Staggering of Registration Fees

The University may grant loans without interest - refundable within the academic year in progress - to allow students to pay the registration fees over several monthly instalments. So that your situation can be analysed, submit your request in due form to the Students Social Service. Thanks to the features below, the SSE can also provide you with other information concerning your pending file.

In accordance with the law, the registration fees must be paid by February of the current academic year. In this case, the deadline for applying for a loan is January 15, 2024.

After this date, loans are still possible for students who have been refused a scholarship by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Payment nay be spread over the remaining months of current academic year.

I wish to obtain a registration loan :

Once registered, a student who wishes to obtain a loan must personally present himself/herself at the SSE in order to sign the deed of loan accompanied with the following:

The request form online completed beforehand :

  • iconeDocument
  • A copy of the tax certificate of income from 2021 from the person on whom they depend
  • A copy of their recent family composition (max. issue date:1st of July 2023) to be requested from the municipal administration of your residence

iconeAttention Deadline for the loan request: 15 January 2024

I already have an outstanding loan :

You have already taken out a loan with our Service and you wish to supplement it or obtain:

  • The status of your account
  • A duplicate of the deed of loan that you have signed
  • The reimbursement of a positive balance (excess monthly payment, change of registration rate after the granting of a reduction...)

Send us your documents and/or your request via this address dedicated to these procedures:

iconeAttention The granting of a loan is valid for the registration fees of one academic year. The request must be renewed each year.

2. Advance on FWB Scholarship

If you must incur fees for the financing of your studies, but you haven't yet obtained your scholarship from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, an advance can be considered...Interested? Contact our Service and meet with a social worker who will analyse your situation.

Other student loan organisations

There are bodies which are completely independent of ULiège and which offer other types of loans, such as student loans of the Province of Liège or of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation whose access is conditional.

Remember to find out more from your own Commune, Province, your origin country, or even from your parent's employer in order to find other sources of funding.

Student loans Province of Liège

iconeInfoProvince of Liège

Department of Social Affairs - "Espace Charlemagne"

Social Financial Interventions Service

Place de la République française, 1
4000 LIEGE
Tél : +32 (0)4 230.69.31

Website of the Province of Liège

Student Loans Wallonia-Brussels Federation

iconeInfo Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Family Student Loans Service
Rue du Meiboom, 16-18
Tél : +32 (0)2 413.38.20

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