In Belgium, healthcare insurance is a legal obligation that provides access to partial reimbursement of healthcare costs.

This insurance includes the partial reimbursement of costs for medical visits and hospitalisation, and it limits the cost of certain medications.

iconeAttention  This information is intended for students coming from abroad (EU and outside EU), regularly enrolled (or in the process of registering) to pursue their Bachelors or Masters studies at ULiège.

How do I sign up for mandatory insurance?

You are a student from the European Union not residing in Belgium and already covered for your stay in Belgium by a healthcare insurance contracted in your country of origin:

Don't forget to contact your insurance company to assure the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Upon your arrival in Belgium, you can register for free with the insurer of your choice, which will allow you to obtain, in Belgium, partial reimbursement, in accordance with the regulation in force in Belgium, of medical and pharmaceutical costs incurred during your stay on our territory.

Any additional reimbursement (if your foreign coverage is more comprehensive) will be solicited from your insurer in your country of origin, on the basis of receipts.

You are an EU student without "healthcare" insurance valid in Belgium, or you are a student from outside the European Union

If you are domiciled in Belgium (registered in the Foreign Register) AND if you do not have income in Belgium (or if your revenue is modest), registration in the "residents" category will be offered to you and you will be fully exempt from paying contributions (or payable for a contribution calculated according to your income).

To open your file, make sure you have:

  • A certificate of residence in Belgium
  • Possible proof of your income

If you do not meet the 2 conditions above (residence and income): a registration in the "students" category will be offered to you, against payment of a quarterly contribution (roughly €55).

  • To open your file, have on hand a certificate of enrolment at the University

iconeAttentionDuring your stay in Belgium, do you want to travel to a country of the European Union (or to Iceland, Switzerland, Norway or Liechtenstein)? If you are covered by the mandatory "healthcare" insurance ("students" or "residents" category), don't forget to withdraw, before your departure, the European Health Insurance Card (free) from your insurance fund. If you receive urgent medical care in the country visited, upon presentation of this card, a part of the costs incurred should be borne by this country or reimbursed upon your return to Belgium. Therefore, keep all proof of care.

Supplementary insurance?

In addition to the "mandatory" insurance (identical reimbursement regardless of the insurer that you have chosen), the supplementary insurance, subject to a contribution (around €10/month), offers different advantages depending on mutuality.

Analyse carefully the benefits provided by each mutual fund in order to make a choice that best suits your needs.

Comments :

  • If you are from a country outside of the EU, check with the Belgian mutual fund if special agreements have been signed between your country and Belgium.
  • "Mandatory" insurance. All "mutual" funds offer this mandatory insurance and are subject to the same regulations regarding coverage and reimbursement of costs.
  • "Supplementary" insurance (around €10/month). All mutual funds, with the exception of the state fund (CAAMI), will impose upon you supplementary insurance. The CAAMI only offers the mandatory insurance.

Non-exhaustive list of insurers

Gembloux students can also consult the special careweb page "health".

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