Registration to the Master — EU Student (outside Belgium)

Registration procedure to the Master's degree (2nd cycle) for European Union student (outside Belgium)

iconeInfo Fees for British students

In view of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the rules governing registration fees for British students will be modified as of the 2021-2022 academic year. British students who wish to register for the first time in a higher education institution in the Walloon-Brussels Federation, or who have obtained an academic degree (bachelor or master) and wish to register for another degree (of the same cycle or not) will be subject to the same regime as students from outside the European Union and will therefore be liable for increased registration fees (€4,175) (except in the case of assimilation).

More information on the new regulation.

You are currently studying at a higher education institution in the European Union and you wish to pursue a Master's degree at the University of Liege.

iconeInfo Fill in the online form from 8 February to 31 August 2021

Before completing the online form, please take note of the entry requirements and make sure they are met. Then consult the list of documents to be provided based on your situation. You can then complete in the online form after having consulted the notes and the instructions.

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