Secondary diploma obtained in Belgium

Registration procedures for the Bachelor's degree (1st cycle)

Have you just completed your final year as a secondary student? Do you want to enrol for a Bachelor’s degree for the first time? Do you want to change to another Bachelor’s degree?

Once you have chosen a programme, you need to find out about the entry requirements and the documents that need to be provided before registering via our online form.

Registration is open from 25 June until 30 September 2020.


General access conditions to the 1st cycle

Documents to provide

Warnings and advice for the online form

Instructions for using the online form


Deadline for payment and registration

As the deadline for registration and payment is 31 October 2020, a deposit of €50.00 is required to process registration applications received from 26 October 2020 onwards.

Otherwise, your application will not be processed for the academic year 2020-2021.


Online form


Online registration for the University of Liège

Have you just completed your final year as a secondary student and want to register at the University of Liège?

Complete the formalities remotely using an online system.

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