Every year, students at the University of Liège (ULiège) are asked to elect representatives to the Student Council and to the various Faculty and School Councils (including the Management Committee for the Gembloux campus).

Duties of student representatives

  • defending and promoting student interests, regarding in particular all issues relating to education, teaching, and university management;
  • encouraging active student participation with a view to allowing students to fully play their role as active citizens, leaders and critics within society and ULiège;
  • ensuring the flow of information between staff and students;
  • appointing representatives within the various ULiège bodies (Board of Directors, Board of Studies etc.)
  • informing students of their rights, with regard to university life and the educational opportunities available to them.

Student Council

In accordance with the French-Speaking Community of Belgium’s decree of 21 September 2012 regarding student participation and representation in higher education, the Student Council is comprised of sixty members, elected by and from among the students enrolled at ULiège by the day of the election at the latest.

The Student Council must include at least one representative for the students of each Faculty or School. The term of office is one year.

Faculty and School Councils and Gembloux campus Management Committee

Student representatives on the ULiège Faculty/School Councils are elected by and from among the students belonging to the Faculty in question, who are enrolled at ULiège by the day of the election at the latest.

The number of representatives varies depending on the Faculty/School. The term of office is one year.

Contact: commission.electorale@uliege.be

ULiège Student Federation

The ULiège Student Federation is a non-profit organisation with three main responsibilities:

  • Representing all ULiège students and communicating the comments and concerns of these students to the academic, administrative and political authorities, while encouraging student participation in section and faculty management.
  • Informing students and providing a number of specific services for them (free guidebook/diary, job service, Le P’tit Torê student newspaper, Grignoux cinema pass etc.)
  • Developing (most commonly interfaculty) student activities and projects, to promote meetings and exchanges between students, or between the various societies.

The “Fédé” also plays an active part in the international aspect of the university community through the Erasmus Commission. The Fédé is a member of the ESN (European Student Network).

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