Tutoring / Incoming exchange student

To help international mobility students who wish to start their adventure at ULiège and meet new people, a tutoring system by university students has been implemented. The opportunity to show how much Liège citizens deserve their reputation for welcoming students and facilitating the integration of newcomers!

What is "tutoring"?

This buddy programme allows foreign students to be tutored by Liège students. Nothing mandatory, of course, but a great opportunity to get support early in one's stay and to discover life in Liège. The most direct path to integration is through tutoring programme!

How does it work?

The Erasmus Office connects exchange students with their tutors. The rest of the adventure is up to them...

It is important to know and understand local traditions in order to really integrate into Belgian culture. The tutor is also there to answer any questions raised by this adaptation.

Insofar as possible, we try to promote "local student + international student" duos within the same faculty.

How to take part?

Simply complete the tutoring application request and voila!

Tutoring application request

This system concerns exchange students from the University of Liège. A tandem programme is also organized for regularly enrolled students, or those in the process of registering.

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