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At the University of Liège courses are in most cases taught in French. Exchange students therefore need to have sufficient profciency of the language, both written and oral, to understand courses and to take part effectively in seminars and practicals.

Therefore we ask students who follow courses given in French to join to their application form a document testifying their level of French. The minimal required level is B1 (B2 for HEC Liège - Management School) according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Next to this proof of language, at their arrival, non French-speaking students who take courses in French have to take a compulsory test in French to attest their profciency. The results are sent to departmental coordinators.

Dates for the French tests:
• for the 1st term: from 14th to 16th September 2022
• for the 2nd term: from 30th to 31st January 2023




For students who would like to follow a French course during the evening in Liège, the compulsory test will be used to evaluate their level in order to create the groups for the courses.

• S1 = 1st term evening classes: from 28th September 2022 to 13th January 2023
• S2 = 2nd term evening classes:  from 8th February to 26th May 2023

Two hours of class, two evenings a week+ online training.
• S1 or S2 = 5 ECTS
• S1 + S2 = 10 ECTS if satisfactory result for the fnal evaluation of S1.

iconeAttentionThe C2 level is not on offer, and the C1 level is only organized in the second term.

• Free for ULiège exchange students who have the French language course on their Learning Agreement.
• 100€/term for exchange students who do not have the French language course on their Learning Agreement, regular students, doctoral and postdoctoral students, and trainees.

Registration for French evening classes


Remote learning, in real and differed time, accessible to all, for all levels (no ECTS).
• 1st term: from 3rd October to 16th December 2022
• 2nd term: from 6th March to 26th May 2023
Fee : 30€ per term

For further information about courses and registration, contact

iconeInfoISLV (The Higher Institute of Modern Language)
Rue de Pitteurs, 18-20 (building L3) - 4000 Liège
T +32 4 366 57 59 (secretary)


A French course for non-native speakers is organized during the year in Namur (15 kms from Gembloux) and credited with 3 ECTS. At the frst meeting the respective level of each student is assessed so that groups can be organized.

More information:

Two weeks of French classes and introduction to the culture and belgian heritage are organized by the Namur Academic Centre (Pôle Académique) at the begining of the academic year. The registration fee is 150€ and must be paid before 30th June.


Recently, integration days are also proposed before the beginning of the 2nd term (February) 



French foreign language evening classes are organised at:
iconeInfo“Ecole Industrielle et Commerciale”
Rue Godefroid Kurth, 2 - 6700 Arlon
T +32 63 23 33 90

International Office

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Place du 20-Août, 7-9
B-4000 Liège

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