Throughout the same academic year, students have the right to take assessments of the same teaching unit twice. Exams are organized by the Faculties during the three periods set by the Board of Directors :

See the academic calendar

The 1st and 2nd periods constitute together the 1st session. The 3rd period constitutes the 2nd session (August-September).

By way of derogation, the Faculty can, if the circumstances warrant, decide to grant special exam periods and terms to students who participate in a mobility programme (Erasmus, Erasmus-Belgica, Erasmus Mundus, bilateral agreements). In this context, students must contact the professors concerned, as well as the departmental coordinator at the beginning of the term.

The grade of an assessment is expressed by a number between 0 and 20. The threshold of success of each teaching unit is at 10/20.

The distribution statistics of successful grades (from 10 to 20), as recommended in the ECTS User's Guide, give for 2020/2021 the following general grade distribution table:


Local grade Percentage per grade Cumulative percentage
20 1,45 % 1,45 %
19 2,19 % 3,64 %
18 5,89 % 9,53 %
17 8,76 % 18,28 %
16 12,12 % 30,40 %
15 13,39 % 43,79 %
14 14,00 % 57,79%
13 12,49 % 70,28 %
12 11,34 % 81,62 %
11 9,59 % 91,21 %
10 8,79 % 100 %


This table is based on the grades obtained in the last two academic years (2018-2019 and 2019-2020).

As recommended by the European Commission in its ECTS Guide, the University of Liège has joined the Egracons tool for grade conversion. Any institution wishing to use this tool to convert grades must simply upload its grading tables. In the Egracons tool, you will find our tables for each ISCED code.

Some faculties have calculated their grade distribution tables for all their programmes (putting together several ISCED codes). These tables are published on the websites of these faculties.

iconeDocumentGrade distribution table at uliege 2020-2021  

iconeDocumentGrade distribution table at uliege 2019-2020 

iconeDocumentGrade Distribution table at uliege 2018-2019 

iconeDocument grade distribution table at uliege 2017-2018

iconeDocument grade distribution table at ULiège 2016-2017

For incoming student, grades earned at ULiège are transmitted to the home university by the departmental coordinator of ULiège. The grade distribution table, showing the distribution in percentage of successful grades, is attached to your transcript.

We remind you that during your stay you are subject to the course and examination regulations of ULiège, even if your results will be validated in your home institution. Your departmental coordinator is available for any questions on this matter. We would like to draw particular attention to the information on plagiarism which will be useful to you during your drafting work.

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