Personalised meeting


meeting with a social worker helps the student (who wishes to do so) to think about the socio-economic difficulties that they are encountering, or about personal/family problems. They benefit from someone hearing their problems in confidence, as well as support and a personalised accompaniment.

With expert advice, the student is better guided in his/her search for solutions and oriented toward the competent services that can provide answers to questions deemed more specific.

Non-refundable financial aid

A non-refundable financial aid, related to study costs, is possible for 1st and 2nd cycle students depending on particular socio-economic conditions.

The aid application will always be submitted using a form provided at the end of the interview - obtained by simple appointment - with a social worker who analyses the different aspects of the situation. A complete file equipped with supporting documents must therefore be constituted by the student applicant.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, aid applications submitted before 31 October 2023 will be processed in priority.


However, any exceptional situation can be analysed throughout the year.

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