When are students evaluated?

All the teaching units are evaluated at the end of the trimester during which they are organised. If the teaching is provided throughout the whole year, a partial assessment is organised at the end of the trimester.

Pass level

The pass level is set at 10/20.


The jury deliberates in June (1st session) and in September (2nd session).

Results of the 1st year of the 1st cycle

  • 60 credits earned:  Successful year
  • < 45 credits earned:  Adjournment
  • ≥ 45 credits earned:  Number of credits earned

Results of all other years from 1st cycle and all from 2nd cycles

  • 60 credits earned:  Successful year
  • < 60 credits earned:  Number of credits earned

When the student has earned all the credits of the cycle, the jury declares the success of the grade and confers possible mentions (has succeeded, satisfactory, distinction, with honours, highest honours).

In case of failure

  • In the 1st block of the 1st cycle, the student who has earned 45 of the 60 credits of the programme may anticipate the other teaching units of the cycle if they represent those that he or she failed to earn.
  • For all other years, the student must plan for a programme of at least 60 credits composed of credits not earned the year prior and completed with the teaching units of the rest of the cycle, while respecting the pre- and co-requisites.

Communication of results and consulting copies

Students are informed of their results and may consult their copies at the latest one month after the end of the session.

updated on 12/20/23

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