Student worker at ULiège?

The University offers some job opportunities for students. However, the offers are punctual and relatively few in number. Most summer jobs are directly offered by the different departments and Faculties of ULiège.

ULiège releases the offers on the Job offers page.

It is possible to apply spontaneously (CV with contact information and availability):

See the practical details

Apply for a job (only available in French)

ULiège students can consult the "My ULiège" portal for job offers made by employers from outside of the University.

Student job offerings are also available with the FEDE.

Who can work as a student?

All answers on the federal portal:

Website for Federal Public Service, "Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue"

Stages of engagement at ULiège

Data sheet

As soon as possible (before the start of the contract), one must fill out a data sheet.

The job manager returns the form accompanied by the required documents (including the studentatwork certificate) to the Human Resources Administration.

iconeAttentionThe data sheet is NOT a contract and has no legal value.


Based on the duly completed data sheet, the employment contract is established by the Human Resources Administration (ARH) and sent in three copies by post to the student. One copy is intended for the student.

Following the request of the administrative manager of the ARH, the student must:

  • return the two other copies signed
  • return a signed copy and provide another copy to the department where he/she works

Work time

A student may work a maximum of 38 hours/week.

Within a 5-day work week, a day includes:

●      For the young < 18 years old:  8 hours of work maximum

●      For older students > 18 years old:  9 hours of work maximum

Contract period

The State grants each student a quota of 600 hours (iconeNew new in 2017!) for each calendar year. For these 600 hours, the student pays less social contributions than a normal worker.

About the 600 hours...

To maintain student status, the contract may not exceed a continuous period of 12 months.

It is understood that the student may exceed the quota of 600 hours, BUT will earn less since normal social contributions will then be deducted. Any hour began will be charged in full.

Benefits statement

The job manager establishes a benefits statement.

When all the days of the month have been worked, the student signs this document, which will be sent by the manager to Catherine DE SHRYVER.

Salary and Payment

  Under 18 years old from 18 to 20 years old Over 21 years old

Gross hourly wage

(on 01 Jan. 2023)

€9.99 €12.35 €13.14


The payment will be settled when the signed benefits statement will have been sent to the A.R.H., provided that the file is complete (student@work certificate, signed contract, etc.)

Family allowances and tax situation

Family allowances

The student may retain his/her rights to family allowances under certain conditions.

Complete information on the site

However, the student having graduated on 30 June will be able to work as a part-time worker during the holidays following his/her graduation (until end of September) but will not be allowed to exceed 240h of work.

Tax situation

For any questions concerning taxes, consult the site

The University of Liège will send an annual tax card 281.10 (usually in April) to the student in order for him/her to submit a personal statement for personal income tax.

If the student works during the calendar year and, for administrative reasons, is paid at the beginning of the following calendar year, these amounts will appear on the 281.10 file of the payment year.

Work accident

What to do in case of accident?

The manager must be notified immediately.

The student may consult the doctor of his/her choice and have said doctor fill out two copies of medical certificates available from the Legal Service. After the consultation, both certificates need to be transmitted to the legal service with the duly completed report. The accident report and the medical certificates must be submitted to the legal service at the latest on the 3rd business day following the accident.

Transmit to Ethias the bills (paid or not) relating to medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, hospital, prosthetic and orthopaedic care with the request for medical care filled out by the doctor, as well as those relating to transportation costs (addressed to Ms. BOZET - rue des Croisiers, 24 in 4000 LIEGE - 04/220.30.53).

If the accident leads to an absence (with medical certificate)

In case of relapse:

  • if the student still works for ULiège: immediately transmit to the legal service the certificate specifying this notion of relapse
  • if the student no longer works at ULiège (contract ended): transmit the certificate to Ethias

For more information, contact Carine SPEETJENS


Administrative questions - records management

Student worker contracts : Nadine VANDERMEULEN, Véronique RENDERS, Anne VAN DAMME, Véronique VALKENBORG

Student worker compensation: Catherine DE SCHRYVER

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