The University of Liège supports the supervisors of secondary and higher education in the accompaniment of their students.

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nfo-studies advisors and orientation psychologists from ULiège visit, upon request, the institutions to propose information and choice help activities.

Activities intended for secondary education

Information sessions

Different formulas make it possible to address the specificities of university studies. These modular information sessions are the chance to decipher the teaching landscape in French-speaking Belgium and to prepare final year students to research information. Our information contacts also make students aware of the importance of seriously thinking over their study projects and asking themselves the right questions.

“Studying at the University of Liège" formula

This session is provided in 2 parts. It begins with a presentation which addresses the organisation of university studies, their particularities, the training programmes at the University of Liège, the support offered to future students and students (preparation, aid during the programme...) and life on the campuses. This presentation is generally followed by a Q&A, distribution of documentation and individual exchanges, and if needed in the presence of informers of the various Faculties.

“University studies" formula

The University of Liège also offers information sessions on university teaching. Organisation of studies, specific features of the different types of teaching, secondary/university transition, student support...are addressed during a presentation. This can also be followed by an information hub in the presence of ULiège faculty representatives. Within the Liège-Luxembourg Centre, this presentation is carried out in partnership with the higher learning institutions of the Centre.

Animation on the choice of studies and profession(s)

Upon the request of management, the University Orientation Department organises, free of charge and within the educational institutions, group activities on the theme of orientation for students in their final fyears of secondary studies. school.

These sessions are intended to help students better understand the factors which come into play in their choice of studies and professions: knowing oneself, university and higher education, and the professional realities associated with these. They are based on an interactive activity which lasts roughly 2 hours. They are intended for students in their final year of general secondary education and technical transition. It does not concern students from technical or vocational schools who, given their specific curriculum, have already made a professional choice.

Activities meant for higher education

Information requests regarding "Bridging programmes" to university or Masters programmes are common. Therefore, the University of Liège proposes to higher learning institutions specific information sessions which deal with the organisation of studies, access conditions for Masters, administrative procedures and programme offers. These sessions are modular (presentation, question-answer exchange, distribution of documentation...) and adaptable to the profile of the students. Faculty contacts and "testimonial" students can also be present.

Other types of sessions can be organised upon request (information on the specific presentation of studies, meetings with PMS Centres, exchanges on the secondary/university transition...Don't hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to meet your needs.

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Activities in secondary and higher education establishments

Information sessions on studies

Catherine Gilbert - +32(0)4 366 52 71 -

Orientation animations

Céline Mathy - +32(0)4 366 20 82 -

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