By individual and motivated decision, the jury can allow a student to enrol in an annual programme with less than 60 credits[1]. The lightening may only be granted for professional, academic, social, or medical duly certified motives. Are considered as automatically benefiting from the right to course lightening: students who have obtained the student status of athlete, artist, disabled, or entrepreneur in accordance with university regulations.

All course lightening is subject to an annual convention between the student and the faculty. It cannot be granted after 31 October, except when the student obtains in the course of the year one of the aforementioned statuses or when having this status, the jury notes a significant modification in their situation.

The student who registers for the remaining credits of the cycle of Bachelors, Masters, or Specialised Masters is not in a lightening situation and must pay the full fees.


The cost of registration fees amounts to €13.92 per credit.

Full rate €835 : 60= € 13,92/crédit
Intermediate rate €374 : 60= € 6,23/crédit
Holder rate €0  
AESS (Full rate) €279 : 30= € 9,3/crédit
AESS (Intermediate rate) €237 : 30= € 7,9/crédit


  • The student proceeds to their registration request
  • The student visits the faculty in order to request a course lightening
  • The lightening is either accepted or refused


The final amount of registration fees will be registered during the month of November.

In the meantime, the amount for registration fees, by default, is €835. In accordance with the regulation on studies and the landscape decree, all students are required to have paid 10% of the registration fee amount (€83.50) by 31 October[2]. Upon their registration/re-registration, all students, whether requesting course lightening or not, are thus asked to pay €83.50 so as to be in order from an administrative point of view.

When the final amount of registration fees will be determined, the student will be asked to pay the remaining balance for registration via their portal, or will be able to submit a reimbursement request via the contact form .

[1]  Article 151 of the landscape decree and article 38 of the regulation on studies and exams.

[2] The balance of the amount of their registration must be paid no later than 4 January 2018

updated on 6/12/23

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