Registration to the Doctorate — Outside EU Student

Registration procedures for the Doctorate for students with a Graduate (2nd cycle) diploma obtained outside the European Union

iconeInfo The 31 March deadline for applications from non-EU students does not apply to PhDs.

For a 1st registration in 2023-2024

The first step is to check that you meet the conditions for access to the doctorate.

You must also have a sponsor and a thesis subject.

If these conditions are met, you can then complete the online form.

Documents to be provided for your application:

  • Certificate of nationality dated in the calendar year of registration (or a copy of your passport)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Thesis proposal
  • Authorisation from your sponsor
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas and transcripts (translated into French or English if necessary)
  • Proof of your activities over the last five years
  • A funding plan

Legal access conditions for the doctorate & online form

When should I apply?

To apply for the 2023-2024 academic year, you can submit your application until 1st June 2024 at the latest.

What happens next?

As soon as we receive your application, it will be examined as soon as possible by the competent jury. You will receive an official reply by e-mail as well as the admission documents necessary for your VISA application once your application has been processed.

► Confirm your application

In case of a favourable answer to your admission, you will be invited to confirm your enrolment by following the procedure indicated in the e-mail.

► Activate your "myULiège" portal as a student

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. If you are a new student, you will be asked to activate your myULiège portal using your student number "s" and to create your "" email address.

► Are you also a staff member?

Please note that if you are also a "ULiège staff member", you will have two separate portals:

- your staff member portal (login "u...")
- your student portal (identifier "s...")

You must consult both, they do not merge at registration! Your doctoral and registration information can be found on the student portal.

► Pay the registration fee

The total registration fee is €835 for the first registration. You will have to pay the 50€ deposit by 31 October at the latest. The balance must be paid by 1 February. Everything is done online via your student portal.

If you are eligible for free tuition, please provide us with supporting documents: attestation of ULiège service for my staff members, attestation of scholarship... to be sent to

Re-registering for the doctorate the following academic year

Re-registration for a doctorate is only possible once your result has been encoded and transmitted to the Registration and Admission Office by the Faculty.

As soon as the result "Admitted to continue" is communicated to us, an e-mail is sent to your address "" inviting you to re-enrol via your myULiège portal. At the same time, a "paper" re-enrolment form is sent to you by post to the address given in your file.

It is therefore essential to always consult your myULiège student portal AND to ensure that your postal address is correct.

The re-enrolment letter is accompanied by the document allowing you to be assimilated: if you meet a condition for assimilation, it is important to inform us.

For more simplicity and speed, it is preferable to carry out your re-registration directly via your myULiège portal, but if you choose to send us a written request, you should return these forms duly completed, dated and signed before 30 September, and attach the necessary documents.

Re-enrolment is confirmed when the file is validated by an Registration and Admission Office manager.

Full payment of the registration fees must be made by 31 October at the latest.

Cancellation of your PhD registration

Doctoral students who do not wish to continue their thesis must notify the Faculty AND the Registration and Admission Office. To notify the Registration and Admission Office, you should send an e-mail to via your address.

If you interrupt your PhD before 30 November, the academic year will not be counted in your course.

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Registration and Admission Office - PhD Contact

Contact PhD

By e-mail :

By phone : +32 (0)4 366 46 00

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