Global Politics & Political Affairs

Get the keys to grasp current global trends and act upon them.

In order to train specialists with the skills required to understand the issues of the modern  world, the Department of Political Science at the University of Liege offers a one-year Master’s programme in Political Science taught entirely in English.


This Master’s programme aims to provide advanced knowledge, tools and methods to analyse and understand all aspects of local and global politics: from evolution to stakes, political actors, degrees of interaction and levels of decision making. The purpose of this programme is to better understand how our institutions work and to appreciate today’s world in all its complexity.


Global Politics & Political Affairs

The University of Liège offers a new one-year Master's programme in political science taught entirely in English. Get the keys to grasp current global trends and act upon them!

A programme taught exclusively in English

The range of master’s programmes offered by the Department of Political Science is comprehensive: Public Administration, International Relations, European Policies, and joint programmes with partner abroad and this 60 credits programme in English. If students are required to follow complementary courses, these are also taught in English.

Participatory and multi-faceted teaching methods

A variety of teaching modalities are employed. These include lectures, group work, plenary discussions,  debates, student presentations, visits to EU institutions, and presentations by renowned external speakers. The goal is to diversify learning activities, promote interactivity, develop critical thinking and meet students’ expectations. A graduate thesis based on a research topic is required to complete the programme. The thesis is to be written and presented in English.


▶ Comparative Politics
▶ Democracy in America
▶ European Economic Governance
▶ Final dissertation and preparatory seminar

Choose 1 course from the following
▶ International Relations of the European Union (odd years)
▶ Contemporary theories of public administration (even years)


Choose 5 courses from the following
▶ Law and Practice of International Organizations
▶ South Asia in International Relations (even years)
▶ Human Rights Law
▶ Cybercrime (even years)
▶ Introduction to the Laws of War
▶ European Economics
▶ Strategic Stakes in Globalisation
▶ European Immigration Policy
▶ Foreign Policy Analysis: Theories, Methods and Case Studies (odd years)
▶ The Transformations of the Welfare State
▶ International Strategic Trade Control Regimes
▶ Science, Technology and Innovation policies
▶ Public finance
▶ International Relations Organizations

Carreer opportunities

Many career opportunities exist for students with a degree in Political science from the University of Liège, in Belgium as well as abroad. Their employability rate is excellent: over 90% of them fnd a job within a year. The programme in Political science trains future executives in public services and companies.

The English programme also prepares students for international careers (diplomacy, lobbying, international organizations, NGOs, political journalism) and for positions in the private sector (banks, insurance companies) as well as in civil society. Power, democracy, globalisation, Europe’s influence in global governance, migration, human rights, cybercriminality, conflict... These subjects are in the news on a  daily basis.

Entry requirements

Students may be offered a position in the programme subsequent to an assessment of their academic record. The length of the program is typically one year, but may exceed this if the student needs to take additional courses to complete their studies. Those  complementary courses are designed to assist the student in the development of their Master’s work, especially in the development of their fnal paper. These courses cover a broad array of subjects, including theory and methodology of political science, and aim to prepare the student for the Master. The Master’s programme is suited for those interested in improving their skills in Political Science. It is also a good option for sociologists, historians, journalists, criminologists and economists.


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"Throughout my education and experiences in Germany, Norway and my home country Bosnia and Herzegovina I discovered the passion for politics and international relations. After by Bachelor’s degree I realised that this Master’s programme would be an excellent opportunity to shape my interest towards the understanding of how global society functions. Moreover, the share of international students coming from all corners of the world and the variety of courses the programme offers is a perfect match to excel not only in academics but also in developing new networks which might lead to creating new opportunities and projects."

Irma Botic, Student

Global Politics and Political Affairs

Information about the programme

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