Depending on your personal situation, you will need to scan a set of documents. It is a good idea to gather the documents required (see list below) before completing the online form. Only documents written in French, English, Dutch and German are accepted.

Basic documents

ID card Legal title for access Supporting documents if you have done an extracurricular year Additional supporting documents after having already been enrolled in another university or university college

Additional documents and procedures for special cases

Outside European Union - Visa Engineering Sciences Pharmacy Medicine, Dentistry and Resident Veterinary Medicine and Resident Veterinary Medicine and NON-RESIDENT Physical Therapy and Resident Physical Therapy and NON-RESIDENT Speech Therapy and Resident Speech Therapy and NON-RESIDENT

Documents and additional steps for students subject to an admission decision

Cover letter Document proving linguistic knowledge of the language of instruction (if not your mother tongue) Curriculum vitae Financing plan

Compulsory document for a first registration for a PhD

Authorisation from the Doctorate College

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