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hroughout your professional career and your personal activities, you have developed your knowledge and skills. Today, you wish to have your acquired experience recognised, to broaden your knowledge, to discover or rediscover university life. In this case, the VAE should interest you!


What is the VAE?

The VAE, or Validation of Acquired Experience, is an admissions procedure to university studies that enables a person, based on his/her experience, to request admission to a degree or certifying training programme.

The VAE is intended for any individual who does not have the required qualifications (1st or 2nd cycle diploma), but who is able to demonstrate 5 years of professional or personal experience relevant to the targeted programme. Higher education years can only be taken into account for a maximum of two years with at least 60 credits acquired for each year.

VAE candidates must submit an application detailing their experience, both professional and personal.

The application must be returned before 31 March (for students of non-European Union nationality), before 15 August (for European students), or before 15 September (for Belgian students) preceding the start of the academic year.

It will be submitted to the jury, which reserves the right to invite you to an interview and to implement any evaluation procedure it deems useful.

To prepare your application, contact Sandrine Dachy (

Continuing Education Unit

VAE also allows access to training courses that do not lead to academic degrees (certificates, non-certifying courses, etc.). For more information on this subject, please consult the catalogue of certification courses online. For non-certifying courses, we invite you to consult the faculty concerned.

Catalogue of certification courses


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