Throughout the year, the University of Liège offers future students activities to discover study programmes, assistance in choices and preparation for university teaching.

The calendar of activities for 2021-2022 presented below may change.
In order to be regularly and automatically informed of the appointments we make for you, either face-to-face or online, we invite you to consult these pages regularly and to fill in our contact form and/or to subscribe to our newsletter.
Futur·es étudiant·es

Rendez-vous du futur étudiant  

Des activités d’information sur les études, des aides au choix, des salons… toute l’année, l’ULiège vous aide à construire au mieux votre projet d’études ! Bloquez dès maintenant les prochaines dates à votre agenda.

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Futur·es étudiant·es en Bachelier

J'explore l'Université  

Matinée découverte des facultés et du campus

Tu es en 5e ou 6e secondaire ? L’ULiège te propose un premier rendez-vous cette année pour explorer les possibilités de formations qui s’offrent à toi. Bloque le samedi 21 octobre dans ton agenda 

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The University of Liège is also present during all the information fairs on study programmes and PSIS professions.

Are you having a hard time choosing?

Individual orientation reports are also offered by the University Orientation Service.

Are you considering studies in civil engineering, medicine, or dentistry?

Specific preparation is offered throughout the year.

Other activities are offered throughout the year.

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