he legislation in force provides that all scholarship students in 1st or 2nd cycle who make the request can freely benefit from course assistance related to their curriculum, without prejudice to the provisions regarding copyrights (the decree does not therefore concern published books).

Pursuant to this Decree, the University of Liège has decided to grant a lump sum to the students concerned.

Procedure for course material assistance request

iconeAttentionIn order to receive this assistance, it is MANDATORY that your "scholarship" status be confirmed by the SSE once you have sent us the ORIGINAL scholarship grant confirmation letter from the SAE.
For FWB scholarship students confirmed for the 2018-2019 academic year, the request must be submitted ONLY through the online form.

Note : For students having obtained their 2018-2018 scholarship confirmation late (after 31/10/2018), a request must be sent via mail to Ms. Murielle IANNETTA.

Amount of the financial aid by Faculty

Faculties 1st cycle 2nd cycle
Faculty of Science €120 €80
Faculty of Medicine €120  €80
Faculty of Applied Sciences  €120  €80
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine  €120  €80
Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech  €120  €80
Faculty of Architecture  €120  €80
Faculty of Philosophy and Letters  €100  €70
Faculty of Law and Political Science - Liège School of Criminology J. Constant  €100  €70
Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences €100 €70
HEC-ULiège Management School €100 €70
Institute of Human Sciences €100 €70


If the "mandatory" course material fees exceed this amount, a file can be submitted to the Quality of Life Department (Dominique DUCHÂTEAU), which will examine the file on the basis of supporting invoices and in connection with the Faculty concerned.

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