Registration fees

In addition to the registration fees, the start of the academic year generates certain costs necessary for carrying out studies.

These annual fees: purchasing books, syllabi, photocopies, etc. vary depending on the study year and the chosen orientation.

The cost amounts to €200 (for the Humanities Faculties but could reach €700/year because of specific needs related to the Faculty in which you are enrolled.

Don't forget that it is possible to reduce some of these costs by consulting the books recommended at the library of your Faculty.

Certain particular situations exist:

  • You are an SAE scholarship holder?

You will benefit from free course materials upon presentation to the student social service (SSE) of the certificate from the Study Grant Service

  • You are a first-year student?

Depending on the chosen faculty, particular fees may be encountered (lab coat, safety goggles, special software to acquire, etc.)

  • You are currently in a cycle?

Special material may be requested depending on the chosen department: medical/dental kit, drawing material, special software. Internships and writing a dissertation can also lead to additional costs.

Educational material

For detailed information on each Faculty:

Living expenses

To get an idea of the cost of living, consult the following link on living expenses:

Budget and cost of living

Financial Assistance

Are you having financial difficulties pursuing your education? Contact the Student Social Service in order to learn about assistance that you may be eligible for:

social and financial assistance

updated on 9/5/23

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