Cost for a year of study in Belgium

Practical details and advice:

Regular registration fees - €850

This amount of €835 covers the registration of the year in progress (role and insurance) and the exam sessions.

iconeAttention The amount of registration fees for students from outside the European Union varies from €835 to €2,505 (increased registration fees), depending on the nationality of the candidate.


Check your entitlement to a reduction in registration fees according to socio- economic and academic criteria (except students subject to increased fees) reducing registration fees to €374 for the intermediate rate or €0 for the scholarship rate.

Educational material - €450

Course notes, reference texts, technical packages, calculators, sports equipment, internship, dissertation, etc. The amount of educational material fees varies depending on the department. Thus, certain branches have specific fees. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to take into account significant fees such as technical equipment, more expensive reference texts, study trips..

For further details, don't hesitate to consult your faculty directly.


When possible, think to check if the desired book is available in the libraries, or buy your books second-hand. Check out the classified ads on the MyULiège Portal, around your faculty, or with a bookshop offering used books at low prices. Flea markets and book fairs are all treasure troves! Also remember to compare prices of suppliers.

Accommodation - €4,000

Kot student?

At Sart-Tilman, monthly rental of rooms varies: for the 2017-2018 academic year, between €219 and €325 incl. tax (depending on family incomes) for a 10-month contract.

In Liège, "kot" rents vary greatly depending on their accommodations or their geographical location. The average price is around € 350 EUR/month (expenses included or not). Other costs (fire insurance, taxes, maintenance fees...) will be added to this amount.


Want to try the experience of an intergenerational homestay? To combine sharing and low-cost accommodation, the a.s.b.l."1 toit, 2 âges" can be an option to consider!

Transport - €400

Commuter student?

The most used means of transportation by students getting around Liège is without a doubt the bus, especially to get to the Sart-Tilman campus. In the centre, biking and walking can be enough to get around just about anywhere.

iconeAttentionIn addition to the regular routes, additional travel expenses (train, tram...) are to be planned for depending on internships, inter-university training programmes...

Access the University of Liège...

Average cost of fuel:

Super unleaded petrol 95-98: 1.40 to €1.50/litre

Diesel: €1.20 to €1.30/litre

LPG: €0.40 to €0.50/litre


When possible, also consider "light" modes of transportation such as:

No station nearby, or in need of more flexibility, all while maintaining a convivial mindset? Carpooling can be THE solution and makes it possible to share the costs. ULiège is a partner with carpooling site Carpool.

Working out without paying a gym membership, getting around traffic, being free to go where you want...biking is ideal and wakes you up in the morning to start the day on the right foot! In the city centre, at Sart-Tilman, to link 2 points of public transport...Mechanical or electric, with gears or foldable, bikes are diverse and adapt to your needs. Don't have a bike? Opt for a rental!

The most obvious way to get around is, of course, by walking! Get around the city centre, a short walk through the woods of Sart-Tilman to connect home to your faculty...alone, with a friend, or in a group at a quick or relaxed pace, this option offers as many benefits as the bike for shorter distances or even the same, and so simple!

Meals - €3,000

In the university restaurants, the average price for a full meal amounts to €6 (soup €1/daily special €4/dessert min. €1).

Furthermore, there are different brands of shops and nearly all offer interesting and enticing prices.There are discount stores and others which have more interesting prices by batches.


For your daily consumption, here is an idea of the average prices in 2016 for a few common foods:

  • Cut bread 800g: €1.90 (use your freezer to keep your bread fresh longer)
  • Bargain price rice and spaghetti: less than €1/kg
  • plain semolina: less than €1.50/kg
  • vegetables: focus on local and seasonal vegetables (tip: take advantage of rock-bottom prices at the end of markets > la Batte on Sunday mornings)
  • meat/poultry: chicken and pork are usually the best deals
  • first price canned food: tuna, sardines, low prices

Healthcare - €300

The term "healthcare" is to be considered in the broad sense. Thus, it references both to the habits of elementary hygiene and to cases of seasonal illness (medical visits, medication, body care, housing maintenance, etc.).

In Belgium, having "healthcare" insurance is mandatory.
It amounts to nearly €58.41 per trimester for students not domiciled in Belgium. For further details, the Cultural Diversity Department dedicates several web pages on the subject, which are regularly updated.

The + of ULiège
Consultations at the University Hospital and at the Brull polyclinics fully reimbursed for ULiège students up to date with registration and their mutual fund, upon presentation of their student card.

Miscellaneous equipment - €500

Clothing, corrective eyeglasses, essentials for furnishing an accommodation (bedding, linens, office furniture...) if necessary and other costs...

To get equipped, consider second-hand stops and any initiative making it possible to retrieve objects in good condition in order to limit costs.

Internet connection and telecommunications - €300

On the grounds of ULiège, enjoy free internet access via the WiFi, and rooms equipped with computers which are available to students.
Extra costs estimated at €500 should be planned for, for the acquisition of a basic laptop.

When searching for a kot, think to check if the connection to the network is included in the rental price or if you will need to take measures to have access by adding it to your monthly fees.

Social/cultural life, sports and leisure, correspondence - €500

  • "Prior national": €  0,79
  • "Prior international": €1.23 Daily journal: € 1,30
  • Cinema ticket: €7.50 to €10 (less in certain ciné-clubs) Snacks:
  • bag of chips (stands): € 2
  • Fast food: €4.50 to €6.50
  • Pizzeria: starting at €8
  • Restaurant in the city (main dish): starting at €10

For sports, take advantage of the interesting prices from the R.C.A.E. or discover the joys of walking, running, biking...even more cost-efficient!

Want to combine savings and conviviality? Sharing a "potluck" style dinner, where everyone contributes in their own way, can be a way to get to know other kotters or make friends. And when the weather permits, consider the outdoor version: a picnic in a relaxing place with trees such as the Parc de la Boverie in the city centre or the Sart-Tilman woods.

To keep in touch, consider the Android application WhatsApp or even Skype and Viber.

Effective rates in 2016.

updated on 2/17/23

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