You wish to know the conditions for obtaining a reduction? Read carefully what follows and make sure to comply with the procedure to submit your request.

Reduced rates

A reduction can be granted on the basis of modest socio-economic (except case of increased fees) according to a ratio of income/charges with consideration to property revenues other than the personal dwelling (cf. table of limits soon available).

For the consideration of revenues, the reference year is that related to the 2018 taxation year (2017 income).

The base documents to provide are:

  • A tax certificate (cfr. model information only) issued by the Federal Public Finance Department (SPF Finances)
  • A household composition to be obtained from the municipal administration of your domicile
  • The reduction request form on line

Scholarship rate

The scholarship rate is accessible to students having obtained, for the first year, the scholarship of the Study Grant Service (SAE) of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB).

Nevertheless, the Student Social Service (SSE) can grant you the provisional scholarship rate if you prove to us that you meet the conditions. For this, you must comply with the following steps:

  1. Submit your study grant request to the SAE imperatively  before 31/10/2019 even if your 2019-2020 administrative registration at ULiège has not yet been finalised.
  2. Submit your reduction request to the SSE1
  3. Provide, upon reception, the decision of the SAE to the SSE to definitively determine your registration rate

(1) Are exempt from this step, and only from this step, students in re-registration having obtained a scholarship rate confirmed by the SSE the year prior and for whom the 2019-2020 re-registration is automatically proposed at the scholarship rate.

Legal intermediate rate and ULiège preferential rate

If you are not eligible for the conditions to obtain a study grant from the FWB, you may; however, be eligible for one of these other reductions.

To find out, think to submit your reduction request.

Submitting your reduction request


Using the reduction request on line :


I now introduce my on-line reduction request


As soon as you are enrolled in the 2019-2020 academic year and within 15 days2 maximum after your registration !

(2) Highly recommended time. Deadline 31/10/2019. Beyond, please go directly to our offices (see Contact).


Follow your request

Upon knowledge of the new regulation in this regard, your request

for a reduction will be analysed and you will receive the notification of the decision via your MyULiège mailbox.


iconeAttention The reduction is valid for a single academic year and must be renewed each year.

Another question concerns you...

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