Rich in its history and that of its community, animated by numerous projects, the University of Liège does everything in its power to help its students build their future, today and throughout their lives.


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Students are offered all sorts of possibilities

Our training programmes, powered by cutting-edge scientific research, cover all areas of knowledge. In each programme, the choice of options, specializations, etc. will make each path a unique one. Exigency, mastery of concepts, a project-based approach, and innovative and multidisciplinary pedagogies are all at the heart of our teaching.

The University of Liège places particular importance on the professional future of its students. Engaged in a process of continuous assessment, each year the university rethinks its programmes and constantly develops their internationalisation.

Shaking up borders

The University of Liège is fully European and open to the world. Anchored in international networks of excellence and conscious of the challenges tied to globalization, it deploys partnerships throughout the world and contributes to the influence of unified research and development of other regions. This engagement on the international stage has been recognised by several international labels. You will take advantage - I hope - of all the opportunities presented: study trips, work placements abroad, dual degree programmes, development cooperation projects...

An engaged university that showcases talents

Choosing the University of Liège also means experiencing civic engagement. A place of culture and reflection, of debate organisation and encounters in the heart of the city, the University of Liège keeps a critical and democratic watch.

More than ever, the University of Liège emerges as an institution which is particularly attentive to the intersection of life courses, research paths, and academic careers that take place on its grounds. Convinced that in each student has the potential of being daring and creative, the University of Liège supports innovation and relies on its talents. So that students can develop in the best conditions, the university provides a convivial living environment, numerous supportive resources, and promotes their investment in the institution while respecting the political, philosophical, and religious convictions of each in accordance with its charter of values.

All while being sure to promote attentiveness, dialogue, well-being, health, and the respect of the environment, the University of Liège seeks to render its students tolerant citizens, engaged with political, social, and industrial realities and capable of integrating into the vast cultural and economic space of a globalized world. It considers that in order to learn, research, work and "live together", respect for diversity and freedoms are essential values.

Conscious of the challenges ahead, the University of Liège is a lucid institution, turned resolutely toward the future.

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