The University of Liège offers a particularly diversified range of programmes.

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he training programme catalogue provides access to a detailed description of each of them. The numerous activities organised all throughout the year will allow everyone to get an even better idea of their studies.

For students who are still hesitating, the University of Liège provides resources to help them in their decision.

In order to help make a good choice of studies from the outset, the orientation psychologists of ULiège are available for all future students who make the request (rhetoric, student of a College, adult going back to school...).

Several types of personalised activities are organised to assist them in their reflection:

  • Orientation assessments for those who wish to take the time to focus on (better) defining their future projects
  • Information services upon appointment during the year for those who have ideas or a project in mind, but remain doubtful or hesitant...
  • "Last minute doubts" services for those who need to clarify their project before registration.

There also exists:

  • Group activities for students finishing secondary school: at the university (and at the Maison de l'ULiège in Verviers) or in the schools
  • "Which sections to choose?" activities organised during open courses intended for students finishing secondary school in order to help them specify their interests and better target the section(s) to explore
  • Conferences-debates for their parents

Beyond this support provided by the orientation psychologists of the university, "information on the studies" advisors are also available to all throughout the year to inform on studies organised at the University of Liège (training programme offers, organisation of courses, course schedules, life at ULiège...).

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