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With the exception of first-time enrolment in the3rd cycle (doctorate and doctoral training), the final date for requesting enrolment is set at September301 by the decree of November 7, 2013 defining the landscape of higher education and the academic organization of studies.

However, beyond this date, the University may exceptionally decide to grant a late enrolment authorization to a student who so requests, when the circumstances invoked justify it and provided that the request has been submitted by February 15 at the latest (art.101 of the aforementioned description). If you feel that exceptional circumstances justify your request, please complete the online form below.

You must, of course, comply with the legal conditions for registration (access title, financeability, etc.).

In addition, "late registration" is reserved for students who have not yet been registered during the current academic year, or who have cancelled a previous registration before November 30.

Furthermore, if you are already enrolled in a Bachelier at ULiège this year and would like to enroll in a Master's degree as part of a BA-MA enrolment(special case for students at the end of their cycle), please contact the Enrolment and Admissions Department directly before taking any action.

Finally, as a reminder, in accordance with article 3, §2b of the General Regulations governing studies and examinations, "non-assimilated" students from outside the European Union who have received a letter of authorization to register from the Université de Liège must be present at the University by September 30 at the latest. The late registration procedure is de facto not open to them.


The late registration procedure is also not open to the following students:

  • Non-EU students who have already applied for admission in 2023-2024 and have been rejected
  • Student non-financiable2 who has already been refused admission to any higher education institution in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. If they are financeable, their application can be processed.
  • Students with provisional registration not regularized by November 30 due to negligence on their part (the student is in possession of the missing document but has not submitted it to ULiège)
  • Student already regularly enrolled in a course of study
  • Student in default of payment of deposit (situation can be regularized by appeal)

1Except for students who obtained a special session during the previous academic year and who are still enrolled, students whose deliberations have been postponed and students who are in the process of appealing for an exemption.
2For more information on the concept of financeability, see

Requests corresponding to the above situations are automatically refused as "inadmissible". They are therefore not processed as part of the procedure.

The late registration procedure is open to the following students:

  • Students who have not yet enrolled in the 2023-2024 academic year
  • Students who graduated in January and are applying for enrolment in another course of study
  • Students in provisional registration who have been successful in an appeal against the equivalence decision received :
    - Either because they would initially have received a restrictive equivalence not giving them access to the desired course;
    - Or because they would initially have received a refusal of equivalence.
  • Student on provisional registration who receives a restrictive equivalence that does not give him/her access to the course initially requested and submits a new application for a course to which his/her (restrictive) equivalence gives him/her access
  • Students who have cancelled their registration before December 1 and wish to register for another course (/!\ not authorized for 1st year of 1st cycle => reorientation!)
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you register after September 30, you will already have missed a number of courses and practical work that will be difficult to make up. What's more, some compulsory activities are organized from the start of the academic year, and non-participation in them is likely to result in a grade of "0", with no possibility of taking the exams concerned at any session of the current year. We therefore invite you to contact the Facultyin which you wish to enrol if you have any questions about your study program(see contact list).


Students who meet the above conditions and wish to apply for enrolment beyond September 30 must :

  1. (Only for students who do not have a current application for 2023-2024)
    Start their application via online form, in order to create a file (and retain their file number). However, you will not be able to finalize your application until you have obtained the required late registration authorization. They will be blocked in the online form.
  2. Submit your specific request for late registration authorization via this link, enclosing all required documents (see below) and wait for a reply from the Enrolment and Admissions Department.
  3. In the event of a positive response, continue and finalize your registration request on the online form (or on the file tracking platform for students with a file for 2023-2024), attaching the late registration authorization certificate sent to you by e-mail.

Students who have received a late registration authorization have 15 working days to finalize their registration (art. 3 §5 of the RGE). Depending on the date on which the student registers, payment of the 50 euro deposit(registration between November 1 and February 1) or the full registration fee(registration after February 1) will be required to confirm registration.


Documents to be provided

Important information

Students must assemble all their documents in a single PDF file in the order specified below. If the size of the PDF file (maximum 10 MB) is too large, it must be reduced using the

The application file must be complete, i.e. include all the documents requested, otherwise it will not be processed.

For students enrolling at ULiège in 2022-2023

Late registration application form

For students who were not enrolled at ULiège in 2022-2023

  1. Late registration request form
  2. The attached document
  3. Copy of both sides of identity card + register extract if the place of birth is not shown on the card
  4. Copy of the legal title of access (CESS, bachelor, master, ...)
  5. Only for students who graduated from high school before 2023:
    - Proof of all activities carried out (work, higher education, other) during the last 5 years.
    - For years prior to 2018-2019, only proof of higher education.
  6. If you are enrolling in higher education in 2023-2024, an attestation d'abandon (certificate of withdrawal) proving that you have withdrawn before November 30.


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