Doctorate (outside of the EU)

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the registration desk continue to carry out its missions by using telework.

Important message for students from outside the EU

  • The 2020-2021 admission requests have been closed since April 30 if you do not live in Belgium.

Only students in a situation of assimilation, or under agreement, can still submit their application.

Access conditions to the 3rd cycle for students from a country outside of the European Union

The 3rd cycle is the highest level of university studies. It consists of:

  • doctoral training, leading to the certificate of research training
  • work related to the preparation of a thesis and its defence, resulting in the academic grade of doctor

For all admissions to a PhD for the 2020-2021 academic year:

  1. Check if you meet the acces conditions
  2. If so, complete the online form and send in your application, by mail, before June 11, 2021.

Check if you meet the conditions

1. You need to be the bearer of a diploma that provides  access to the cycle requested.

Furthermore, your possible previous academic background in higher education cannot be in violation of the decree of 11 April 2014, art. 5.

Access to doctoral studies is reserved to students with a Masters diploma (2nd cycle or equivalent) obtained after 5 years of study (300 credits/ECTS).

2. You must have sufficient financial resources to complete your studies:

You must provide a financing plan (official evidence required) that attests to sufficient resources to carry out the studies:  10,000 € + amount of the registration fee (currently 835 €). You may consult the "Cost of studies" page for more detailed information.

3. Your previous results must be sufficient

You must have a university degree from the 2nd cycle demonstrating at least 300 credits with at least 14/20 over your graduate studies.

You can submit your application for a 3rd cycle if you have:

  • a thesis project
  • the written agreement of a thesis supervisor

To find a thesis supervisor, you will need to consult the search directory on the federal science policy website.

We also advise you to consult the general regulation of the doctorate.

iconeInfo For additional information

4. Admission and registration formalities

If you want to start a 3rd cycle at ULiège, we suggest that you submit to the Admissions and Registration Department an application which includes:

  • the ONLINE admission request form, duly completed and signed
  • a citizenship certificate dated from the year of registration (or a copy of your passport)
  • a copy of your secondary school diploma (baccalaureate)
  • a certified copy of your university study diploma(s) (and legalised translation, where necessary)
  • a certified copy of the transcripts for each of your university study years, even for the years which may have ended unsuccessfully (and legalised translation, where necessary)
  • Supporting documents of your activities or studies for the last five years,  if these are not covered by your last diploma
  • a letter of motivation
  • the written agreement of a thesis supervisor at ULiège who accepts to supervise your work
  •  a thesis project

5. Financing

The doctorate corresponds to long-term studies of three years or more. Hence the importance of learning about financing possibilities.

The PhD may be financed through:

own funds or a guarantor in Belgium

a scholarship from your government

a scholarship from the Belgian cooperation (ARES)

an assistant position within the universities

a ULiège doctoral fellowship

revenue linked to the execution of a research contract


instructions and tips for using the online form

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