Some courses of study accept only a limited number of "non-resident" students.

For access to the 1st cycle of studies in :

  • veterinary medicine,
  • physiotherapy and rehabilitation,
  • speech therapy.

    ⇒ "Non-resident" students are selected by drawing (percentage varies according to course of study):
  • Veterinary medicine: 43 places
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: 74 places
  • Speech therapy: 17 places

    ⇒ In addition, in veterinary medicine, a maximum quota of 20% is imposed for the granting of attestations of access to the next stage of the cycle issued at the end of the competition at the end of the 1st year to non-resident students.

For access to the 1st and 2nd cycles of :

  • medicine
  • dental sciences

    ⇒ The number of "non-resident" laureates of the entrance examination is limited to 15% of the total number of candidates declared eligible.

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What is a resident student?

Residency criteria

If you do not meet any of the residence criteria, click on one of the categories below

Non-residents - Veterinary medicine, physical therapy, speech therapy Non-residents - medicine and dentistry

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