Depending on the courses offered in secondary education and on the education network, the 2nd cycle diploma (Graduate degree) will either be a required title or a title deemed sufficient.

The Decree of the Government of the French Community of 15 June 2007 sets the correspondence of the academic grades of Masters in teaching with the academic grades referred to in the provisions on required titles in education

Academic grades of teaching master organised in university higher education Corresponding required qualifications


AESS philosophy

French and Romance languages and Literature (general orientation)

AESS group philology

Modern languages and literature (general orientation)

AESS modern languages and literature (general orientation)

Modern languages and literature (Germanic)

AESS group Germanic philology

Modern languages and literature (Classics)

AESS classic philology

Modern and ancient Languages and Literature

AESS modern and ancient languages and literature


AESS group history

Art history and archaeology (general orientation)

AESS of the group Art history and archaeology

Performing arts

AESS Performing arts

Political sciences (general orientation)

AESS group political and social sciences

Political sciences (international relations)

AESS group political and social sciences


AESS group social sciences


AESS group social sciences

Economics (general orientation)

AESS group economics

Management sciences

AESS group management sciences

Motor Sciences (physical education)

AESS physical education


AESS group mathematics


AESS group physics


AESS group chemistry

Biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology

AESS group biology

Biology of organisms and ecology

AESS group biology

Geography (general orientation)

AESS group geography
  •  Holders of academic degrees found in this table will obtain a required title.
  • Degrees which are not found there only result in (coupled with teacher training) a title deemed sufficient for teaching. Holders of these diplomas may encounter certain difficulties in appointment within official education.

Indeed, to be appointed to a permanent title in the secondary education organised by the French Community, the teacher must meet two conditions:

  1. Have the qualified title (AESS)
  2. Have a 2nd cycle diploma recognised in the legislation as allowing one to teach subjects determined in higher secondary education.

However, to be appointed to a permanent title in secondary education within the open networks or official networks subsidised by the French Community, the teacher must have:

  • The title of “agrégé” (AESS) required or judged satisfactory.

Teachable subjects

Enrolment process

Access conditions

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