The 2nd cycle diploma (licence or Masters) determines the courses that the teacher can teach.

To learn about the courses for which an appointment is possible, you can consult the following legal texts:

A.E. from 22/04/1969 (M.B. 01/05/1969)

A.R. from 17/03/1967 (M.B. 12/04/1967)

iconeAttention The decree of the 11 april 2014 regulates the titles and functions in basic and secondary education in the French Community.

This reform aims to create a uniform regime, all networks combined, of titles allowing for the exercise of the role of teacher. These titles will be classified into required titles (TR-"titre requis"), satisfactory titles (TS-"titres suffisants"), and replacement titles (TP-"titres de pénurie"), the reform guaranteeing in principle the priority of the primary recruitment of a TR (TP) over a TS, of a TS over a TP and a TP over another title or diploma. The need for a teaching title or degree for a career (priority and appointment) in a teaching position is also affirmed as part of this reform.

The titles "requis", "suffisants" and "de pénurie" must be set for each function by the Government while respecting the guidelines provided for in article 16 of the decree.

Difference between acquired title and satisfactory title + Decree

Access conditions

Enrolment process

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