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[Future] graduate of a University College or Higher School of the Arts?

You wish to complete your training through a Masters programme?

In application of the legislation and depending on the diploma you have obtained, you can directly access the areas listed below. You can therefore consult them and check that you meet the conditions or you can contact

Depending on the university college diploma 

Accessible Masters?


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If the bridging programme that you seek is not provided, don't hesitate to submit a request, which will be addressed to the admissions committee.

If you have questions about the admissions procedure, don't hesitate to contact ( or if you need further information on studies and their opportunities:

Please note that the response times of the admissions committee can be, depending on the time of year, more or less long.

If bridging is proposed, read the following information carefully and complete the online registration form between 20 June and 30 September.

Legal access conditions for the Master’s degree

Documents to provide

Warnings and advice for the online form

Instructions for using the online form



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