1st registration for a Master’s degree

Registration information for the Master's degree (2nd cycle)

Before completing the online form, please take note of the entry requirements and make sure they are met. Then consult the list of documents to be provided based on your situation. You can then complete in the online form after having consulted the notes and the instructions.

Direct access

Online form to be completed between 24 June and 30 September 2020

No direct access

Online form to be completed between 1 February and 31 August 2020 for an admission application.

Students who were enrolled in Belgian higher education in 2019-2020 and who haven’t made their application by 31 August for valid reasons may complete the form by 30 September. However, the jury concerned will be free to examine their file or not based on the relevance of the reason for the delay provided by the student.

Example of a relevant reason: a student registered for a Master’s degree in 2019-2020 decides, after having received their results for the 2nd session, to swap to another Master’s degree, which they don’t have automatic access to based on their Bachelor’s degree.

Legal access conditions for the Master’s degree

Documents to provide

Warnings and advice for the online form

Instructions for using the online form

Deadline for payment and registration

As the deadline for registration and payment is 31 October 2020, a deposit of €50.00 is required to process registration applications received from 26 October 2020 onwards.

Otherwise, your application will not be processed for the academic year 2020-2021.


Online form

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